An economical solution for organizations with multiple facilities and providers.

  • OpenEMR Software1.
  • Advanced patients portal scheduling.
  • Frequent backups 2.
  • Unlimited technical support3.
  • Unlimited bandwidth4.
  • Unlimited storage4.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited patients.
  • Unlimited encounters.
  • Unlimited facilities.
  • Includes SSL Certificate.
  • Business Association Agreement.
  • Change plan anytime 5.
  • Discontinue anytime6.
  • Account Setup within 24 hour.
  • Free Practice Setup upon request7
  • $980 per month.

1 We took OpenEMR as our solid core foundation and build a much more reliable and user friendly EHR Software with additional functionality that would improve and simplify the day to day business of health care providers. OpenEMR is a complete ONC Meaningful Use Stage 2 EHR Certified software. It is a free and open Source electronic health records and medical practice management, it is free to download and install on most operating systems. You can find more information about openEMR at

2 We backup our servers compliant to HIPAA, your data is secure and can be retrieved at any time. We took special care and caution to protect and archive your data and went beyond HIPAA requirements when it comes to your data. We will recover and reset your data if needed free of cost. Additionally, our EHR software will allow you to back up your data locally. We suggest to take advantage of this feature and always take precaution regarding HIPAA data storage and security requirements.

3 Your subscription comes with Unlimited Technical Support. That means we make sure that your site is up and running, applying any necessary official patches to openEMR or upgrading the openEMR. You can report any bugs related to our softwares to DynamicEMR through our contact page, there is no cost to you to report a problem or fixing a bug. DynamicEMR will fix issues reported by you based on severity (Urgent, Low) and priority (Critical, Non-Critical).

4 Your subscription comes with unlimited usage. This plan is designed for most small to mid size organizations. Should your website bandwidth or storage usage present a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, we will notify you via email and you may be required to upgrade your plan, or we may restrict the resources available to your site. Consider that resources available to your plan are solely designed for your emr task. It is not designed as a backup stoargae etc. We keep the right to cancel your subscription anytime. Please read terms and condition before subscribing to this plan.

5 You can change your plan without any additional fee. In some cases changing a plan may require a new blank site. We are not responsible for exporting, importing your data or your site's settings. However, we can help you to complete these tasks for additional fee.

6 The minimum subscription term is one month.

7 Your account comes with additional support to set up your practice if you wish so. We can help you to set up your facilities, providers, calendar and etc... Usually these tasks can be done within couple of days, based on your requirement.


We may shutdown our servers for a period of time for Maintenance reason, in which case we will notify you one week in advanced via email.

Account Setup Within 24 hour.
Business Association Agreement Yes.
Change plan Any time, additional fee may apply to export or import your data.
Discontinue The minimum subscription term is one month.
HIPAA compliant Yes.
Practice Setup Free, upon request
Support Unlimited.
Facilities Unlimited.
Users Unlimited.
Patients Unlimited.
Encounters Unlimited.
Bandwidth Unlimited, see terms and conditions.
Storage Unlimited, see terms and conditions.

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